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My chat with the Young Blood Podcast

my story


I’m Angus Wood, and I’m thrilled to share the impactful Lost and Found Project with you.

At 25, having overcome significant challenges, I connect with diverse audiences – adolescents, students, parents, teachers, and the community. My personal experiences with mental health struggles, severe bullying, and contemplation of suicide enable me to speak empathetically to those facing similar challenges.

Now proudly two years sober, I believe the Lost and Found presentation can inspire others to lead more fulfilling lives. The alarming statistics on adolescent mental health emphasize the urgency of addressing these issues. My mission is to reach those suffering in silence, reminding them that ‘IT AIN’T WEAK TO SPEAK.’


By sharing my journey and the key steps I’ve taken, I aim to empower others to speak out with courage. While I may not change the world, if my presentation saves even one life from silent battles, it holds a meaningful place in the mental health awareness sector.

In a compelling 25–30-minute presentation, I’ll take you through my journey, covering key aspects such as my battles with mental suffering, bullying, addiction, and the transformative 5 MGAAH principles.

Interested in my mission or more about the Lost and Found presentation?

Feel free to reach out. Let’s make a positive impact together.

Best, Angus Wood

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